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New evidence shows Fox News hosted Sydney Powell with no evidence for election fraud claims

A new piece of evidence against Fox News proves its producers and pundits were completely aware of Sydney Powell's lack of evidence for her claims of election fraud before bringing her onto the Maria Bartiromo and Lou Dobbs' shows.

Despite internal communications acknowledging that there was no evidence of election fraud by Dominion Voting Systems, Fox News prioritized ratings over accurate reporting in its desperate bid to win back Trump supporters who had switched to other networks following the 2020 election.

In an attempt to win the viewers back, Fox News chose to host attorney Sidney Powell and broadcast her claims of election fraud, despite no evidence to back it up. When pressed for evidence, she forwarded a memo entitled "Election Fraud Info" to Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo.

The contents of the memo were written by a woman who self-described her claims of election fraud as "pretty wackadoodle." The memo became a key source for the allegations that Fox News presented to millions of viewers in November and December of 2020. Bartiromo hosted Powell on her Fox News show the day after receiving the memo.

Evidence in Fox v. Dominion

Dominion Voting Systems is now suing Fox News for defamation.

Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox asks: “What was the evidence for these far-fetched claims that Powell sent to Bartiromo the day before the broadcast? An email entitled Election Fraud Info Powell had received from a ‘source,’ which the author herself describes as ‘pretty wackadoodle.’ This email, also received by [Lou] Dobbs, alleged Dominion was the one common thread in the voting irregularities in a number of states.”

Dominion’s lawsuit says Bartiromo and Dobbs never disclosed the existence of the memo.

_Wackadoodle_ Email
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